Especially in development, agile project management often decides who holds the competitive edge. Together with organisational development expert Stephan Richter, WILD is taking a completely new approach in this regard.

There are situations that developers are familiar with but that still present a true challenge for others: Product requirements that are basically nothing more than just rough guidelines.
Projects that, at the beginning, don‘t go beyond the mere description of an idea.  Specifications that are changed at a very late stage. Or requirements that are suddenly no longer relevant. Following an intensive study of the topic of agile project management, the WILD Group has learned how to deal with these issues.

Moreover, with the support of organisational development expert Stephan Richter, WILD adopts methods already established, among others, in the automobile industry and takes these a step further. „Based on the concept of systemic project diagnostics, we begin by analysing the requirements and the complexity of a project. And we do so both on a technical and on a social level“, explains development manager Michael Reissig. „Depending on the result, we choose the right toolset to avoid breaking a butterfly on the wheel. The objectives of the customers, who usually set clear priorities on engineering, costs or timing, also determine the methods to be applied: from simultaneous engineering and the Cynefin framework for complex problems to the classic waterfall model“. As a result, WILD is an agile and valuable partner in all development issues. From ideas to devices. From prototypes to serial production.

Stephan Richter, who is working together with WILD on the improvement of this toolset, explains why this flexibility is becoming ever more important: „We are currently experiencing a technology onslaught and we often see that a high degree of uncertainty prevails in  development. Of course, there is always a standard area, where the objective and the course are clear. It is outside this standard that things get more exciting. Where there is a requirement but no one knows yet what the solution should look like. This is where common sense is required. You need to take a creative approach and bring the people to the resources so they can work in a targeted manner. It takes completely new tools and other forms of communication to do that.“ Asking the right questions. Using classic tools like milestone planning to provide security where orientation is needed. Identifying regulatory circuits to harness their advantages for the project team. WILD has a whole range of methods at its disposal, allowing it to work with great
efficiency and ensure a quick in-depth insight into a project.