Art meets technology

The CLOUDSPACE walk-through sculpture by Austrian artist Eva Schlegel was recently installed on the open-air grounds of WILD GmbH in Völkermarkt.

The new meeting place, inaugurated on the outdoor premises of WILD GmbH, challenges the visitors’ perceptions and offers them an unusual, novel experience of space: the CLOUDSPACE walk-through sculpture consists of eight mirror panes seemingly inserted into one another. The result is an extraordinary pavilion which is covered with mirrors both on the inside and the outside.

The arrangement of the mirrors in the interior creates the impression of sheer endless, kaleidoscopic spaces. On the outside, the mirrors reflect the environment, almost causing the object itself to disappear. The seating ring in the centre of the structure will be heated during the winter time, inviting visitors to linger in the sculpture, which is also fitted with LED lights.

The CLOUDSPACE project was initiated by Herbert Liaunig as an expansion of the sculpture park of the Liaunig museum. The contract work by Austrian artist Eva Schlegel was created in collaboration with architects Valerie Messini and Peter Liaunig.