WILD Corona stimulates communicationIn recent weeks WILD has developed a series of innovative digital formats to further improve close contact with customers and to launch new projects.

Which digital tools are best suited to guarantee effective information exchange and short response times when relocating projects? How can we quickly and efficiently integrate these technologies into our communications architecture? How can we provide potential new customers with an insight into our company, despite the coronavirus crisis? WILD lost no time in finding answers to all of these questions and has accordingly implemented innovative digital formats into its everyday work routine. The virtual company tours and the digital assembly structures have proven particularly helpful.

You’re just a mouse click away: Your personal insight into the WILD Group

“Digital communication already found its way into daily collaboration between international customers and the WILD Group’s sites years ago. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the willingness to apply these tools in practice has increased significantly. We used this to further improve communication with existing customers and especially with potential customers. Our technophile staff have been able to create new communication formats which we are putting into more intensive use now and will continue to do so in the future”, says CEO Josef Hackl.

In times where business travel is out of the question and many are working from home, virtual tours are an opportunity to make first contact with new customers. “The live feeling during these tours through our engineering offices and manufacturing and assembly halls, during which we can individually respond to all questions on an individual level and explain specific areas that are of particular interest for our customers, is almost the same as being physically present”, confirms Marketing Manager Heidrun Freimuth. Moreover, a plethora of short video clips from different business units help deliver a positive first impression of the WILD Group. These “co-productions” were created in-house with the support of WILD’s assembly team leaders, the respective department directors and the marketing department.

Safely relocating projects with digital assembly structures

In times of the coronavirus crisis, relocating the production of assemblies and complete devices is a particular challenge. In response, WILD has developed and optimised so-called digital assembly structures. These take place at gemba, i.e. the actual workplace of the respective WILD employee. Using affordable equipment such as several video cameras, speakers, lighting tools and tablets for video conferencing, the assemblies can be implemented together with the customer’s assembly teams, who are present online. Using different camera perspectives, which the partner can choose at their discretion on screen during the meetings, and through live commentaries, it is possible to ensure that even the first assembly is a success. Furthermore, a software allows for the video conference to be recorded, so it can be used later as a useful addition to written assembly instructions. “A customer already told us he is considering adopting the digital assembly structures in practice, even after the coronavirus crisis is over. This allows for uncertainties, modifications and product improvements to be managed much quicker, more effectively and much easier than before”, explains Medical Technology Assembly Manager Reinhold Kordesch.