Over the course of one month, American MIT student Kristen Overly immersed herself in WILD Group’s corporate culture and exchanged valuable experiences in the area of medical technology in the process.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge near Boston/USA, is one of the best schools in the world for technical studies. Those studying there become involved in research at a very early stage, though they also benefit from close contacts with international top companies, which provide them with insights into the latest developments through internships. Kristen Overly was also given the opportunity to expand her wealth of experience in this way by attending a one-month internship at WILD.

Originally from Columbus/Ohio, the young American is currently studying biotechnology at MIT. She was Undergraduate President of the MIT Biotech Group for one year and Director of the MIT Life Science Angels in Boston for two years. “I have worked in business development for a biotech start-up, in health consulting and in investment banking for healthcare. Starting in August, I will be working as an analyst at Back Bay Life Science Advisors in Boston, advising life science companies on strategy and transaction issues”, says Overly.

Her internship at WILD gave her some unique insights into the corporate culture and work routine of WILD employees. But she also actively used her time there together with business developer Daniel Pressl to analyse how the systems partner can grow further globally in the area of medical technology manufacturing. “I was impressed by the quality and scope of the WILD Group’s production capacities. The company definitely has the know-how and the infrastructure to manufacture a wide range of complex high-tech products”, Overly believes.

Her internship abroad was made possible by Daniel Pressl, who himself obtained his PhD at MIT’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering in 2009.