Making success stories happen.

Stefan Payer - Geschäftsbereichsleiter WILD ElectronicsWith the aim of interconnecting people and skills, Stephan Payer will continue the successful course of WILD Electronics as its new Head of Division.

”In sales, we are the first port of call for our customers and the communication link to all the value-generating areas in the company. We always learn first-hand about what works well and what still has room for improvement.“ This is how Stephan Payer describes the special role of sales, where he has been at the helm as Head of Division at WILD Electronics since October 2020. In this position, he feels that he and his team have the responsibility to fully align processes and interfaces in the company to the customers‘ requirements.

”As a holistic systems partner, our aim is to deliver the complex devices of our customers in a safer, more flexible, and generally more efficient way than they could do so themselves or with other suppliers. To this end, we must better understand the challenges of our customers and offer them a leading edge, both technologically and in overall order processing“, Payer believes. To achieve that, sales, operations and support processes need to be innovative and well-connected.

He is convinced that openness and the ability to find solutions are essential prerequisites for innovation to happen in a company. They ensure that the WILD Group finds the right answers to evolving market demands and changes in the general environment, thus allowing it to maintain a  lead for the benefit of its customers. The same objective is driving the adjustment of processes in sales. ”In an effort to further advance our area, we launched a wonderful process that each and everyone in the team supports. The aim is to process tasks in customer management, transition to serial production and series management in a more focused manner, to develop core competencies within the team, and to better share and provide the knowledge available.“

What comes in useful for the father of two teenage daughters in addition to his business background are his relevant experiences from previous career stages, including his position as manager of a technology cluster. ”Exciting topics and interconnecting people and skills have been part and parcel of my work for several years. At WILD, we also experience many top innovations in development and
manufacturing first-hand. What motivates me in particular is that each and every one of us gets the opportunity to make success stories happen!“