Creativity, ambition, strength and innovative ideas – that’s what Julia Moser, Christina Sabitzer and Sabine Harz have in common, demonstrating their skills in key positions at the WILD Group.

Their areas of responsibility and positions may be completely different. Together, however, the three women dispel the prejudice that only lone warriors with a strong elbow culture have good career opportunities in technical industries. Quite the opposite. It is precisely the respectful treatment and the comprehensive mutual support within the team and by superiors that ensure that more and more female employees at WILD are very successful in their careers. Christina Sabitzer coordinates group-wide organizational projects as Strategic Project Manager. “I enjoy helping to shape things in such a motivating work environment. I always actively contribute new ideas and appreciate the particularly open working atmosphere at the WILD Group.” Julia Moser, a lawyer and co-

responsible for strategic purchasing and supply chain management at the WILD Group, also appreciates the equal and respectful interaction within the team and the mutual support. As does Sabine Harz, who, after training as a master optician and studying mechanical engineering, has been contributing her knowledge and experience as Key Account Manager since July 2021.

Diversity at all levels

“This diversity is particularly advantageous in technology. Here, not only technical but also social-communicative skills are in demand. The more heterogeneous a team structure is, the better the output. I find this aspect particularly important in development. It prevents one-sided decisions from being made in the development process,” emphasizes Andrea Gritsch, Head of Human Resources. For this reason, career changers are also particularly interesting to WILD as specialists. “They have already gained experience and can bring new perspectives to the table,” says Gritsch, who is always pleased to receive unsolicited applications.

In recent years, the HR manager has noticed an increasing number of female applicants with a technical background, especially in production. The aspect that medical technology is seen as very useful also plays a role here. “Nevertheless, the presence of women in management positions has room for improvement,” admits Gritsch. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that many tend to underestimate their competencies. On the other hand, at the societal level, child-rearing in particular acts as a career-inhibiting factor. To counteract this, WILD has introduced all forms of part-time employment with flexible working hours. In addition to home-office offerings, the technology partner creates soft re-entry opportunities with a few hours per week so that female employees can “feel their way back” during the maternity leave phase. “This provides security, is a good change of pace, and allows an insight into the current issues of the job,” confirm Petra Krainz and Sarah Jan, who recently returned from maternity leave. Overall, the WILD Group is now known for placing great emphasis on a good work-life balance. The company cooperates closely with educational institutions, which also helps to ensure that we can hopefully look forward to even more female power in the future.