Focus on Development

Medical technology researcher Dr. Stefan Preißer recently joined Photonic’s development team and is now in charge of the dynamic field of optical Technologies.

Light is a unique tool, and we are still far from exploiting its full potential. Thanks to their versatility, innovative light sources have become part and parcel of state-of-the-art devices, especially in medical technology. They are becoming increasingly complex, thus changing the requirements for developers and manufacturers like Photonic. “Light sources and modules are being increasingly integrated directly into customer systems. Accordingly, mechanical dimensions, cooling concepts or electronic interfaces must be seen as part of the entire system from the very start. Therefore, in the field of development in particular, we are currently intensifying cooperation with our customers, for whom we are increasingly becoming a consultant for technical problem solutions. They benefit from the close contact we maintain with major LED manufacturers, thus obtaining direct access to the latest innovations and first samples. Just as our Technology Roadmap and the expertise of our technology department, these benefits will feature even more prominently as part of our Portfolio in the future”, Photonics Managing Director Thomas Köbel emphasises.

At Photonic, contract development is in the hands of a highly diversified team of designers and electronics and optics developers. This team puts particular emphasis on professional project management that coordinates internal and external resources. At the end of last year, Dr.Stefan Preißer was taken on board to enable the team to react even more swiftly to customer requirements. He brings in several years of experience in physical measurement Technology and biomedicine. In his new role as Optics Project Manager, his duties include the development of new lighting concepts based on customer specifications. Moreover, he is in charge of the selection and validation of suitable light sources and optical systems, and of technology scouting for new light sources for use in future lighting modules. “Coming from medical Technology research, I find it exciting to work in a company that doesn’t just put ideas on paper. Photonic is working on very innovative Projects of leading medical Technology companies, which I will be able to further develop in the future.”

In addition to the comprehensive development work and the high level of customer loyalty, Preißer appreciates another Photonic strength, namely its tight integration in the WILD Group. “The Group’s production know-how is pivotal for a quick and smooth implementation of development projects through to a product.”