Heidelberg Engineering‘s HRT is a pioneering feat in ocular diagnosis. Since 1999, they have placed their trust in a cooperation with WILD.

It all began with the ingenious idea of the Heidelberg Engineering founders to significantly improve patient care by means of three-dimensional analysis of the optic nerve. Based on this idea, they developed a product which heralded a completely new era in ophthalmology and is considered the gold standard in diagnostics: the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph. It has, among other things, revolutionised the early detection of glaucoma by allowing high-resolution digital images to be compared with normative data and earlier scans. WILD took over production of the tomograph back in 1999. ”The centrepiece of the HRT2, for which WILD also designed and implemented the entire mechanical system, was an extremely small but complex camera unit. This posed a major challenge in terms of adjustment, since we had to integrate micromechanical, electronic and optic components in a very small space”, Christian Doujak, Head of Sales at WILD Electronics explains.

Today WILD can look back on more than 20 years of close and collaborative cooperation with Heidelberg Engineering. During this time, the HRT has undergone ongoing improvements, so that it continues to be the undisputed market leader. The diagnostic device is now significantly smaller, more user-friendly and comes with a far more powerful software.