Thoroughly clean.

Working under cleanroom conditions is a widespread skill at WILD. As recent examples demonstrate, the technology partner is well-versed in the art of precisely attuning to the respective task and the customer demand.

Disposables for medical technology, sophisticated optics for measurement technology, laser assemblies or conveyor systems for semiconductors –  manufacturing under cleanroom conditions is spread across all product groups of the WILD Group. Many such products are created along a long cleanroom chain, ranging from development to component manufacturing and packaging.

”In several cases, we are already involved in the design phase, where we contribute our expertise in areas such as the selection of the right surfaces and materials and support our customers in making their products suitable for cleanroom serial production. Tricky areas are, for instance, cavities that are difficult to clean or abrasion debris generated during assembly“, says Martina Trinkel-Rudman from Business Development. For this reason, WILD defines the ideal cleaning process together with the customer already at component level. The technology partner was recently involved in the process design of a laser optics system, offering its support in optimising the cleanliness of a 3D measurement microscope.

Another exciting project was recently implemented on behalf of a leading international semiconductor manufacturer. It involved a modular conveyor system used to transport or store wafers in different cassettes between processing steps in the fab. “The customer was in charge of development. We took over procurement, cleaning, cleanroom assembly and packaging”, explains Stefan Werkl, Head of Business Unit Optical Technologies WILD GmbH, who is delighted over more incoming orders from the semiconductor industry. Especially in this sector, the WILD Group enjoys a good reputation for its long-standing experience in vacuum technology and for its mechanics, optics and electronics expertise. The group’s skills range from high-precision parts manufacturing and parts cleaning under extreme purity requirements to ISO 6 cleanroom assembly and final tests. 

“We have an array of options when it comes to verifying the required cleanliness in the final product: these include residual gas analysis for the detection of gas emissions, visual inspections under UV light, vibration tests with a subsequent visual inspection or product-specific tests. All in all, this in-house production allows for a cohesive cleaning process that also covers packaging”, Trinkel-Rudman stresses.