Celebrating together.

WILD Gruppe feiert 50 Geburtstag digitalWe want to say THANK YOU for the many wishes we received and the exciting conversations we had with you on our 50th anniversary.

”A long-standing customer held up a banner. Others drank a toast to WILD or lit a candle on the Sacher cake we had sent them. And many raised their glasses via webcam. Special moments like these made us feel that it is possible to get together and celebrate despite the distance that separates us. We would like to sincerely thank you for this“, stresses CTO Wolfgang Warum, referring to the numerous anniversary conversations the WILD staff had with customers. WILD has a long-standing relationship with many of them.

Some of them have been working together with the company for more than 20 years. ”One can certainly claim that the path we have travelled together has been one of success. Therefore, we took the opportunity during these talks to look back in a relaxed atmosphere and share anecdotes from the past. At the centre of all these conversations, however, was always a palpable sense of mutual appreciation. We perceive this as a great gift“, says CEO Josef Hackl.

Customers also gave us very positive signals with regard to current and future projects. ”We thus feel encouraged to meet the challenges of the coming years with the same commitment and determination and write the next chapter in the success story of the WILD Group“, CFO Michael Wratschko delights.