Award-winning logistics

WILD is one of only two companies in the whole of Austria to receive an award from the Federal Government for its excellent performance in the areas of supply chain and logistics.

Logistics is rightly considered the lifeblood of the economy and is increasingly becoming an essential success factor within businesses. The objective of the Austrian Logistics umbrella brand, founded last year by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, is to demonstrate that modern logistics goes far beyond the topic of goods transport. Therefore, it awards companies that successfully tread new paths with commitment and innovation. The WILD Group has been a pioneer and brand ambassador since the very beginning.

Supply Chain Design for the most agility

“Being a high-end company, outstanding technology is vital for us, but not sufficient in itself to succeed as a business. Supply chain management and logistics are indispensable complementary pillars“, emphasises WILD Group CEO Dr. Josef Hackl. What makes WILD stand out is the complete understanding of a successful supply chain design throughout the entire company group. “We adjust it on the basis of the customer‘s requirements already at an early stage of a project and identify any potential for improvements. Using proven processes, we then devise an approach that allows for maximum agility in terms of delivery and cost efficiency, while leaving sufficient room for technical improvements“, Hackl explains.

In order to be able to react quickly to short-notice orders or order changes, WILD has also developed a unique control system spanning from customer to supplier. Moreover, several customers, all WILD sites and a significant share of purchased articles have been integrated in a modern vendor-managed inventory System.