A smart QM solution.

Smarte QM-LösungThe main prerequisite for quality processes across the Group‘s sites and close links to high-quality suppliers are adequate digital tools.

As a technology partner of renowned manufacturers, the WILD Group not only has particularly high expectations from its own staff, but also with regard to the quality of its suppliers. To continuously improve collaboration with these and hence the quality of products, smart solutions are required. Networking is the new order of the day. Therefore, in recent months the WILD Group has been employing cloud-based technology by Babtec and the results already speak for themselves. ”So far we have integrated 20 suppliers and all sites of the WILD Group. The processing of complaints has picked up significant speed ever since“, stresses Emmerich Kriegl, Head of Quality Management at WILD.

Now you can create a complaint or a nonconformity notice and share all the relevant data with the supplier at the push of a button. Regular status reports subsequently let you know whether a supplier has received the complaint and has already begun processing
it. All parties involved work on the same document. There is a quick and transparent exchange of data without generating a confusing flood of emails. Moreover, comment and feedback functions and a complete history help improve communication and strengthen collaboration. This is further enhanced by the fact that the software connects the right people with each other.

An additional advantage is that the cloud-based solution makes networking with the suppliers an easy task. They receive secure access to a part of WILD‘s quality processes, without having to install the CAQ software on their systems or meet any other requirements.

”Regardless of whether a problem is analysed directly in manufacturing or during a meeting, all those involved can edit the data from anywhere and in real time: be it on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone“, Kriegl explains. ”It‘s one of our strengths. We‘ve invested a lot in this and we are very clearly setting the course, which will ultimately benefit the customer. At best, the latter will not be affected by any
nonconformities, because we implemented a quick reaction chain so that we can still comply with promised delivery deadlines“, Kriegl emphasises. In the coming months, WILD is planning to bring more partners on board, and also exchange with them on other topics, such as queries on initial sample tests or quality-related features.