A bold vision of the future.

Digitale Montageaufbauten in der WILD Gruppe In the last 50 years, the WILD Group has built a strong economic, human and technological foundation which provides the company with the necessary certainty to push forward visionary ideas with agility, openness and dynamism.

There are not many companies out there that have successfully sailed through crises to remain in business for 50 years – and that are looking to the future more optimistically than ever before. On the contrary: especially the coronavirus pandemic has literally put the brakes on numerous businesses. WILD, on the other hand, has so far been able to cope with the crisis well. This can be attributed in particular to the WILD Group‘s special ”immune system“, designed to react quickly and flexibly to new requirements. The systems partner delivers proof of this innovation power and resilience by guaranteeing maximum  supply security for its customers through sophisticated systems and innovative co-working and communication tools.

This willingness to change and to succeed is an integral part of the WILD Group‘s DNA. The same applies to the fact that, not having its own products, the contract manufacturer always puts customer interests first. The WILD Group owes its ability to offer bespoke solutions even for the most specific requirements to a unique mix of skills. The smart composition of teams, in which employees who have known the company and the target markets for years are working next to young experts who contribute new ideas, is also a contributing factor.

This is also a reason why the WILD Group, long established as a manufacturing partner in the market, has been able to significantly expand its development know-how and enlarge its technology base over the last two decades. ”We have multiplied our resources in optics development and have considerably expanded our simulation competence and software
development, especially for standard requirements in medical technology. Our order books are full and our staff members
can be very proud of that“, stresses CTO Wolfgang Warum.

It has also been the staff at all four sites that have managed to establish a solid economic foundation over the last decades. This position will be instrumental in coping with the coronavirus crisis. ”WILD has not been in the red for the last 22 years and can look to the future with a clear conscience“, confidently asserts CFO Michael Wratschko.Vernetzes standortübergreifendes Entwicklungs-Know-how

”This future will be characterised by an even greater push towards digitalisation and the fact that customers will be reacting much quicker to changes in the market. Therefore, we are putting a strong focus on agility and volatility so as to swiftly  implement new processes and ideas“, CEO Josef Hackl reveals. Taking quick decisions instead of relying on long planning cycles will be equally in demand as the ability to tap into new markets – such as imaging techniques in medical technology. ”From a technological point of view, software will be taking over more and more functions in a device and the miniaturisation of optical solutions will continue to advance“, affirms CTO Wolfgang Warum. Optical measurement methods will open completely new opportunities in many industries, which will also open new doors for WILD.

WILD und mutig in die ZukunftThe WILD Group is well-prepared, not only for high technological requirements. In future customers will continue to rely on partners who offer holistic solutions. Covering just a few individual work steps is not enough. Customers are looking for problem solvers who can offer a tailor-made overall package and a well-functioning network. ”This is exactly how we see ourselves. In the coming decades we want to live up to our reputation as a most-trusted partner through proactive know-how expansion in our target markets, a high level of agility, intensive customer contacts and the strong cohesion of our staff“, the three Managing Directors stress in unison.