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Modern, proven high-tech products

Successful re-engineering can herald an affordable and reliable new lease of life for your product.

How can you manage to keep a proven product profitable and attractive for the market’s requirements in the long run? “By keeping what works well and focusing on the many small things that need improvement”, says WILD Medical Technology Project Manager Erwin Meritschnig. How much successful re-engineering can achieve is shown by the filter module optimisation project WILD which was carried out on behalf of Roche Diagnostics International AG. The objective was to identify the cost potential and the design flaws in four filter module versions used in a molecular biology analysis device and to address these issues with clever design optimisations.

How to achieve great success with small changes through re-engineering

“We were instructed not to intervene with the concept and the optical path. The focus was on re-designing the mechanical part. Therefore, we concentrated on reducing the processing steps and on simplifying both parts and functions”, Meritschnig explains. By applying a total of 16 measures, including the re-engineering of the motor mount, WILD managed to cut costs by EUR 300,000 per year with the same production volume. The changes applied to seemingly simple things. In total, however, they contributed significantly to a stable manufacturing process with a reduced need for inspection and shorter assembly times.

“As a result of the close cooperation with WILD and the common pool of experience, we managed to implement the re-engineering project successfully and even to exceed the envisaged targets. I particularly appreciated the open and transparent communication, the structured approach and the development and manufacturing expertise contributed by WILD from the initial concept to the release for serial production”, summarises Stefan Vollenweider, Development Engineer Thermal Solutions at Roche Diagnostics International AG.


„Durch die enge Zusammenarbeit mit WILD und den gemeinsamen Erfahrungsschatz konnten das Re-Engineering-Projekt erfolgreich durchgeführt und die gesetzten Ziele sogar übertroffen werden. Besonders geschätzt habe ich die offene und transparente Kommunikation, das strukturierte Vorgehen und das eingebrachte Fachwissen in Entwicklung und Fertigung vom ersten Konzept bis zur Serienfreigabe“, fasst Stefan Vollenweider, Development Engineer Thermal Solutions der Roche Diagnostics International AG zusammen.