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Employee Success Story: Walter Hernler

Technical Expert Development Electronics & Software


Please introduce yourself and your work.

My name is Walter Hernler and I have been working for WILD Electronics in the area of development since 2005, primarily in the field of electronics and software development, which, as an expert in this field, I have been head of for a number of years. In total I have been involved in electronics and software development for over 30 years and my current focus is on software development. My area of responsibility ranges from training and continuing training of the team and the specialist area itself to concept development for projects, cooperation in projects and also in project management.


Why did you choose WILD as your employer?

At the time WILD was not really known in the area of development and not at all for electronics development. I applied in response to an advertisement as I was looking for a new challenge. The opportunity to work in an aspiring company such as WILD Electronics was very attractive to me. The Wernberg plant was born out of the former Legrand branch. As a result many colleagues from Legrand were retained and the initial projects were primarily in the area of building automation. This has changed significantly in the meantime.


What is a typical day like for you?

The major part of my work is development activities for products or continuation of the Technology Roadmap for the software area. However there is also a strong focus on organisational and quality-assurance activities. From project meetings, troubleshooting, document reviews to software development and start-up, we do almost everything – of course, always with different manifestations and focuses.


What appeals to you about the area of development? What characterises the area?

The most appealing factor is the variety of tasks and the passion for technical challenges. Even though the most different projects from many areas of technology can present a great challenge, as there are always new topics to process, they prevent us from getting stuck on our usual paths. Every challenge is a step forward.

I particularly like medical products. For example, we have developed a biochemical analyser for blood serum which can measure values such as blood sugar, cholesterol as well as renal and cardiac parameters and does so very quickly.

In addition to the technical demands, the standards that must be met and patient safety also constitute a challenge. It is not easy to bring everything together and this can only be achieved through intensive teamwork. Interdisciplinary thinking and expertise are key factors in realisation as the products are innovative and complex. Last but not least I am safe in the knowledge that I am working for a good and future-proof cause.


What skills do you need to work in the area of development?

Expert knowledge in many different areas of technology is a basic requirement and also necessary to communicate with customers at their level. Flexibility with regard to changing requirements is more a rule than an exception and is something you have to be able to deal with. This also includes an understanding of the necessary organisation and quality of the work in terms of project management, time management and stress resistance.

Certainly it is also important to be able to deal with the disappointment and frustration that are inevitable when things sometimes don’t go as planned.

My motto is: If you enjoy your job, the stress is NOT stressful.

Natürlich ist es auch wichtig, mit Enttäuschungen oder Frust umgehen zu können, der sich unweigerlich einstellt, wenn die Dinge mal nicht so laufen, wie es geplant war.

Mein Motto lautet aber: Die Arbeit muss Spaß machen, dann ist der Stress KEIN Stress.