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Employee Success Story: Melanie Täuber

Systems Engineer

Erfolgsstory bei WILD - Melanie Taeuber Development

Please introduce yourself and your job briefly:

I work as a Systems Engineer in the development department. One of my main tasks is to adjust the respective product according to the customer requirements regarding feasibility and reliability, to verify and document it. Risk analysis and the moderation and preparation of design FMEAs are part of my work, as is compliance with quality requirements.

Why did you choose WILD as your employer?

WILD is active in medical technology, which has fascinated me since my youth. Therefore, it was an obvious decision to gain a foothold in this field.

How long have you been working at WILD?

I have been employed at WILD since February 2020 and was fortunately able to get to know my colleagues a little before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the first lockdown. I became aware of the company through a job advertisement.

What is your typical working day like?

Fortunately, no two days are the same. Due to the current number of projects and their diversity, it never gets boring. On the one hand, we define the technical requirements together with the customers for each project or for each individual product. On the other hand, the risks resulting from the chosen design must be kept as low as possible. The more experience is incorporated into risk management, the safer the product will be. Furthermore, we check each product for the applicable standards and derive the technical requirements from them. In doing so, we present various concept variants to the customer. Depending on the development phase, we then build the prototypes in our laboratory and verify that they meet the requirements.

What appeals to you about development? What makes this area special?

The variety. No two products are alike. You have to master new challenges every day. And you never stop learning.

Are women still the exception in development?

In my perception, yes. In our department in Völkermarkt, there are two of us. Whereby I don’t see any difference in the cooperation with my colleagues. Whether female or male, the main thing is that the character and performance are right. I think that qualified women can do this job just as well as men. The only thing that matters is acceptance in the department, and this is definitely the case at WILD.

What special requirements should you have for the job as a developer?

You should definitely have a technical education and enjoy working with a wide variety of characters. Every customer is unique and has different wishes. That’s why it’s also important to have the courage to try new things and make changes. After all, development is all about innovative ideas and solution-oriented thinking.

You moved to Carinthia for your job. What do you particularly like about your new place of residence?

I moved to Carinthia more than nine years ago to take over an alpine pasture together with my partner. Since then, we have been running it very successfully. At that time it was important for me to stand on my own two feet. Therefore, a fixed job was the prerequisite for my move from Vienna to Carinthia. I am glad to have taken this step and would do it again and again. Nature gives me the necessary balance to the usually somewhat stressful job.

What exactly is it that makes Carinthia such a great place to live?

I appreciate the diversity that Carinthia has to offer. After work, a quick trip to the lake or a mountain hike on a day off. Running, hiking, skiing or swimming, the possibilities for recreation and relaxation are endless. If I feel like a change of scenery, Italy or Slovenia and the sea are not far away. Carinthia offers me an ideal work-life balance.